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I have recently retired after thirty two years of trying to help people hear better.  It has been my pleasure and honor to serve people who benefitted from my services.  I sold my practice to Miracle Ear and they can be reached at my old number which is 954 597 9922.  I am maintaining this website for educational purposes.  I have added links pages for information purposes only.   I do not get any financial compensation from them.  It is up to you the consumer to decide whether you wish to deal with them.  I do not endorse their services but have added them as information only.

If you like music I wrote, sing, and play a song called "Debra's Song" by Nathan Trig and you can sample it at youtube by clicking the link below. For some reason it seems to work best with Internet Explorer.

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My e mail address is hearingaidman1@yahoo.com

If the link fails to open justcut and paste this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UxyFZrwb0Ag

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