Extended Wear Hearing Aids (Lyric or Wow)

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Extended wear hearing aids.  

What follows is my opinion:

Advertisements I have seen state that you do not have to change batteries but what is not stated is that the hearing aids must be removed and new ones must be placed in your ear every 3 months.  The cost can be considerable.

These hearing aids are not digital and they go way down into the ear canals. They need to be properly inserted and removed by the Hearing Aid Specialist.

The long term effects on the health of the ear by wearing something without removing it every night may not be fully known at this time.

Advertisements state that you can shower or swim with them but what is not stated is that you cannot get them wet.  This means you must use ear plugs when you shower or swim. 

I decided not to participate in dispensing these due to so many factors that I considered.